Thursday, 21 March 2013

Shebby Singh or Paul Agnew and Derek Shaw

After reading a few articles on the BBC website, I realised that the feud between Singh, Agnew and Shaw needs to be sorted. Agnew and Shaw didn't have a say in the appointmetn of Berg, that was all Shebby Singh. Then when Shebby got rid of Berg, Appleton was appointed, he was recommended by Shaw and Agnew. Then Shebby sacked Appleton. This clearly shows that something needs to be done between these three. Shebby is hated by the fans, and in my view, Agnew and Shaw haven't done anything wrong, but that is just my view, others might think differently about them but I don't see a problem with them. Agnew has been at the club for about 16 years, and he was promoted to the board after being in the press and public relations position. Shaw was previouly the Chairman of Preston North End, this is a good experience and it helps to have experience. Singh has no experience in English Football, playing, coaching, managing or directing. This clearly shows that Singh needs to be axed. The Venky's need to get proven proffessionals to run the club. John Williams was a fantastic Chairman at the club, and when the Venky's told him to tell Big Sam that he had been axed, that was one of the last straws for him. He now works as a director at Man City alongside Patrick Vieira. He left the club because the Venky's haven't got a clue what they are doing. Each sacking of the managers that have been here at Rovers since they joined, have been controversial, and all but the Berg sacking were stupid. Okay, Kean "resigned", I doubt that this is true but they said he did so we will go with it, but each one is at the wrong time and unjustified. Huge changes need to be made at Rovers, not just in the Boardroom but also in the squad, too many old players who will be on huge wages need to be axed, along with Shebby. Thanks for reading today's post.

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  1. Staying down forever... Your club, and not just idiotic fans, but the whole club enjoyed, laughed and taunted us in our wilderness years. So come on shebster, take em to the conference.....