Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bowyer Takes The Reins

So, Gary Bowyer is taking charge of the Blues until the end of the season. He was unbeaten in his last run and I went to the Barnsley game, which was a 3-1 win away from home. It was the best game I had seen since the 3-1 away win at West Brom, which was Steve Kean's first win as Blackburn manager. That was in 2010, a long time ago. Bowyer also managed to beat Nottingham Forest and Bristol City, and managed a draw away at Wolves. So some very good results there for him. Hopefully he can lead us to survival. However, if this is succeeded, then I fear that the Venky's will make the rash decision to make him the permanent manager, and we all know what happened the last time they did that. I think that the stability of keeping him in the job until the end of the season will help the players a lot, they know him well and have already been managed by him so this will be a boost for them all. Also, as long as he does stay until the end of the season, he will be able to establish his tactics and get the players to play to their strengths in each game. He knows how they like to play and what they need to do to help each other play well, which he did well in his previous stint. However, a recurring problem that needs to be fixed is the lack of service to Rhodes. We need to get another striker who can hold the ball up and then let more men get forward. We also need a midfielder who can pass, but I think we can rely on Dunn for that after his recent good form. If we kept Jason Roberts, we would be able to hold the ball up and attack more effectively, he was amazing at picking up the ball and out-muscling defenders to advance on the attack. Rhodes would be able to play with Roberts well as he would be able to feed off Roberts and break the opposition defence. If we can get behind the team on Friday and support the players we might be able to beat the Seasiders. It will settle the players that Bowyer is in charge until the end of the season and then if the fans can get behind him and the team then they will react well from it. Thanks for reading.

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