Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Appleton Sacked - Time For Football Fans to Come Together

So, today, the owners of the club decided to terminate the contract of Michael Appleton after 67 days in charge, that was 15 games. Previous to this, they sacked Hennning Berg after only 57 days. Nobody was calling for them to be rid of, and yet it took them a very long time in footballing terms to get rid of Steve Kean, who the fans wanted to go. The mistakes they have made may just cause us to be relegated to League 1, then the biggest game of that season would be against Preston. It seems that fans of other teams, who have stable ownership and no such problems are blaming the fans of the club for this current situation, I would like to see what they would say to us if they had the Venky's as their owners and we blamed them. The fans did nothing wrong, we welcomed Venky's into the club when they first bought it, and then the turmoil began; they sacked Big Sam for reasons unknown. And then promoting a first team coach to the job of manager was a big mistake. In all fairness, Kean tried his best and put up with a huge amount of stick from the supporters throughout his reign. He just isn't cut out to be a manager. He finally left the club when we stood at the top of the Championship. I mean, let him go at the start of the season or when we don't look like we will be going back up, but when we are top of the league, it is just a joke. There are a few clubs in the Football League and Premier League who have, or have had bad owners, and the FA let them come in and ruin our clubs. Now, as a lifelong Rovers fan, even though I am still young, this has caused me a lot of distress. I enjoyed going to the games last season, and a few this season, but since I couldn't afford a season ticket, every time I go to a game, I am giving the owners more money to take away and put it in their pockets. Something needs to be done about this and the Rovers Trust looks like a good option, but due to the loss of support for the team, I don't think that many people will pledge to the cause, this will just show if fans of other teams actually care about this major problem, or they will just let the Venky's and other owners come in and destroy English teams. This is a time when fans across the country need to come together and show that they care about football. People blame us fans, saying we protest at the games, and don't get behind the team, but just you think about having owners who don't give a sh*t about the club or its fans. It is so difficult to push that out of your mind. If we are relegated, I can see us staying in League 1 for a long time, we will lose a lot of our players and then Venky's will just say they want out and stop pledging money to the club, and won't be able to find any buyers, and that will be the worst days in my life and many others lives. The FA should bring about more rules on foreign owners, Venky's didn't know you could be relegated from the Premiership, how are these people suitable to run a club, that is a founding member of the Football League. Thank you for reading, and here are a few links you may want to visit:
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