Saturday, 27 June 2015

Cairney Sold

So we sold Cairney yesterday, I think it's good business. We bought him for half a million and have made a decent profit on him which will help is in financial fair play. Also, people are saying he was creative but last season he wasn't creative at all. He couldn't even use his right foot. We have wide men Marshall and Conway to do our creating and then we can play two defensive minded midfielders. We had a lot of defensive problems last season and with two defensive midfielders that could help solve that problem. Cairney wasn't defensive minded at all and he wasn't suited to the wing either which isn't his fault but showed Bowyer had faith in other central midfielders over him.

Williamson gets a lot of stick but he breaks up opponents play well and that's what we need to do, stop attacks at their root to lift pressure from the defense. It looks like Gestede will go so striker wise if we only have Rhodes we may struggle playing a wider tactic but he can score all types of goals and only needs the odd chance. We will have to see what Bowyer does in the market and what tactics he employs at the beginning of the season.

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