Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Singh Denies Involvement

So Shebby has denied any involvement in the contract negotiations of any of the players. This is from the Sky Sports article "The reports also allege that the club are burdened with 13 players whose combined wages and agents' fees will cost the club £30million over the length of their contracts." This is a huge amount of money for the Venky's to spend, and adding to this, most of the 13 players in this £30 million won't even play. This is terrible and further shows that the club is being run so poorly, that it is over-spending so much, that soon enough, it will go bust. However much I hate to say it, if we are relegated to League 1, the wage bill will be too high for us to handle. When we are playing the likes of Doncaster Rovers, and we have the wage bill of a Premiership team, we simply won't be able to stay afloat. As I've said, the Venky's need to sort out the backroom before we can move forward. We all have to accept now that they don't want to sell, but maybe if we go down they might. They are willing to stay for the moment so we have to accept that, they just need to sort it out. Thanks for reading.

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